County Court Judgments (CCJ)

If someone takes you to court to claim money you owe to them and the court decides you should pay, you’ll receive a County Court Judgement in the post. The CCJ will explain how much you owe, how you should pay, when you need to pay by and who you need to pay. You can settle in full or by regular instalments and there are options if you can’t pay. Find out, with our advice, how to respond to a County Court Judgement.

What to do if you receive a court summons or CCJ claim form

If you receive a court summons or County Court Judgement Claim form, it will generally be because you owe money to an individual or organisation. Learn here how to deal with a CCJ or debt related court summons.

Understanding County Court Judgements (CCJ)

When you're in debt, receiving a CCJ can be concerning. Together with your debt problems, the threat of a court summons looming over you can become unsettling. Understand CCJs with our short guide.