Thousands of people become debt free with an IVA every year

Find out if you qualify to write off up to
80% of your debts

  • Debt write off up to 80%
  • Freeze your interest & charges
  • One affordable monthly payment
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  • Debt write off up to 80%
  • Freeze your interest & charges
  • One affordable monthly payment

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What is an IVA?

An IVA is a debt solution that can help to write off your debts. It allows you to repay part of what you owe over a typical period of five years. At the end of the term you could write off up to 80% of your debts.

The payments are made based on your income and outgoings that means the payments will be affordable throughout. You will not need to sell your home, and your lenders will no longer be able to contact you for payments.

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Please note entering into an IVA will affect your credit rating for 72 months

Some of the things the lenders will have to abide by are the following:

  • To write off any debt included in the IVA at the end of the term
  • They must freeze the interest and charges on any debt
  • They should stop contacting you for payments
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For more help and advice, visit the Money Advice Service, an independent service set up to help people manage their money. Or find out more about the different options for paying off your debt here.

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Make sense of your money with your free report

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Used in the right circumstances, IVAs are a very effective way of helping you to take back control of your finances. Once accepted lenders legally cannot contact you and your payments will be reduced to an affordable level.

Our advisors offer free, clear and confidential debt help and simply speaking to them will not impact your credit rating. They can help to see if you qualify for up to 80% debt write off.

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An IVA typically lasts for five years and the end of the term, debts included are completely written off, as this is an insolvency solution there maybe somethings you want to consider:

  • Your lenders are not obliged to accept the IVA
  • If the IVA fails, it could lead to bankruptcy
  • There will be a restriction on expenditure whilst on the IVA
  • You will be placed on the public insolvency register
  • Your credit rating is affected for 6 years
  • In the final year of the IVA, if you are a homeowner, you may be required to remortgage your home. If successful, the terms of the new mortgage may be less favourable. If you can't remortgage, the term of the IVA will be extended by 12 months
  • Fees are payable if ongoing services are provided, read more here.

3 Easy steps to start your debt free journey

3 Easy steps to start your debt free journey

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Step 1

Answer a few online questions and talk to our expert advisors about how to become debt free.

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Step 2

We’ll set everything up so you can start to make one affordable monthly payment.

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Step 3

With help from us along the way, continue to climb until you reach your debt free destination.

Find out if you qualify to write off up to 80% of your debts

Get Debt Free

Typical example of an IVA

These figures are based on the averages across all IVAs arranged for customers in 2017 with an average debt level of £33,080. Through the recommendation of an IVA their payments were made more affordable.

£717per month

Old monthly

£540per month


per month

New monthly

68%of debt

Written off

IVAs are subject to acceptance we may suggest alternative solutions depending on your individual circumstances. IVAs are not available in Scotland. Fees Payable.

What separates us from the rest

What separates us from the rest

  • Experience

    Over 15 years we’ve helped thousands of people
    get debt free

  • Highly rated

    On the independent review website Feefo, we are
    rated 4.9 out of 5 stars.

  • In it together

    You’ll get your own Relationship Manager dedicated
    to helping you through your IVA from start to finish.

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* This is based on 3,209 Freeman Jones customers between 30.11.17 – 1.12.18 with an IVA term of 5 years. Please note, if your circumstances change, your payments will be updated to reflect this. The write off figure shown is once fees have been taken as these are paid as part of your monthly payments.


As a resident of Scotland, there are alternatives to get debt free